Our Story

After waiting 3 long years our beautiful daughter arrived in 2015, i was lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful 12 months being a mummy but the thought of returning to work was so overwhelming, but like most mummies I didn’t have a choice.

Returning to work fulltime was hard, not only did my brain no longer function as well as it used to (I hear that’s quite normal) the time I spent away from my daughter was heart breaking!

With the desire to find "balance" in-life Thegiftmakers was born!

I’ve always loved gift giving, I cherish the look on a loved one’s face when presented with a gift and they’re smile on opening it but finding the perfect gift can be a time consuming process!

I'm here to help, creating personalised gifts from the heart whatever the occasion!

Please take a look around and feel free to contact us for any gifting requirements. 


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