Blackberry and Bay Leaf Cotton Wick Candle 220g

Blackberry & Bay Leaf by Willow and Honey. A floral autumnal aroma with flavours of blackberry, lemon and bay. A sultry base of lily of the valley & woods. Refined, subtle and comforting.

All Willow and Honey candles are handmade made in the heart of the English countryside. This candle features a 30cl internally painted glass container with a polished stainless steel lid.  All lids have a rubber seal to hold the fragrance in the candle for longer. 

This is a cotton wick candle.    

Burn time up to 50 hours.


1 x Cotton wick scented soy candle
1 x Stainless steal lid with rubber seal
1 x Instruction leaflet - please take the time to read this
1 x Willow & Honey presentation box


30 cl / 220g / H 93 mm & D 85 mm 

For best results:
- Ensure the first burn-time is at least 2 hours, making sure the wax melts all the way to the edge of the container to prevent tunnelling.  
- Always trim wick prior to each burn. From time to time discolouration can occur on the inside of the container due to drafts.
- In the event of discolouration use a damp cloth and wipe around the inside of the container to remove. 

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